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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) Head

Magnetic  resonance imaging (MRI)is a diagnostic test to take description of the body parts and give information more advance then x-ray, ultrasound and CT scan. For head mri they do with same mri machine with using a imaging test with powerful magnetic and radio waves to create the picture of the brain.
Mri procedure doesn’t use radiation, only lie of your head inside the machine scanner using strong magnet then it will show pathologic problem such as tissue damage, disease, infection, inflammation or tumor. In the same time the result can be store in the computer and film or CD can be made.

Maybe in some cases, injection of dye or contrast material need, to see detail pictures such as in vascular study.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head is done to:

Look for the cause of headaches.

MRI of head can help to find the source of headache, stroke or blood vessel problem in the head. It will show in the picture an aneurysm or abnormal blood vessels formation during birth its called an arteriovenous malformation. Check source of bleeding , head injury, brain diseases such as Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. Check retention fluid in the brain called hydrocephaly, look for tumor, infection, an abscess, or figure conditions of the brain or brain stem, such as encephalitis or meningitis. Check the eyes, the nerves from the eyes of the brain (optic nerves), the ears, and the nerves from the ears of the brain (auditory nerves).

How the Test is Performed

You may be asked to wear a hospital gown or clothing without metal fasteners (such as sweatpants and a t-shirt). Certain types of metal can cause blurry images, and you will lie on a narrow table, which slides into a large tunnel-shaped scanner. Some exams require a special dye (contrast). The dye is usually given before the test through a vein (IV) in your hand or forearm. The dye helps the radiologist see certain areas more clearly. During the MRI, the person who operates the machine will watch you from another room. The test most often lasts 30 - 60 minutes, but it may take longer.

How to Prepare for the Test

You may be asked not to eat or drink anything for 4 - 6 hours before the scan. Tell your doctor if you are afraid of close spaces (have claustrophobia). You may receive medicine to help you feel sleepy and less anxious, or your doctor may suggest an "open" MRI, in which the machine is not as close to the body.

Before the test, tell your health care provider if you have:

Brain aneurysm clips
Certain types of artificial heart valves
Heart defibrillator or pacemaker
Inner ear (cochlear) implants
Kidney disease or dialysis (you may not be able to receive contrast)
Recently placed artificial joints
Certain types of vascular stents
Worked with sheet metal in the past (you may need tests to check for metal pieces in your eyes)

The MRI contains strong magnets. Metal objects are not allowed into the room with the MRI scanner. This includes:

Pens, pocketknives, and eyeglasses
Items such as jewelry, watches, credit cards, and hearing aids
Pins, hairpins, metal zippers, and similar metallic items
Removable dental work

How the Test Will Feel

An MRI exam causes no pain. If you have difficulty lying still or are very nervous, you may be given a medicine to relax you. Too much movement can blur MRI images and cause errors. The table may be hard or cold, but you can request a blanket or pillow. The machine produces loud thumping and humming noises when turned on. You can wear ear plugs to help reduce the noise. An intercom in the room allows you to speak to someone at any time. Some MRIs have televisions and special headphones that you can help you pass the time or block the scanner noise. There is no recovery time, unless you were given a medicine to relax. After an MRI scan, you can go back to your normal diet, activity, and medications.

Why the Test is Performed

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Friday, April 12, 2013

MRI Scan Hitachi Airis Elite 2004

System is currently installed and being utilized to treat patients.

Software Version: V5. IG

Slew Rate: 55 Tesla mm/Sec

RF Amplifiers: 21 m/T/M

Coils Include:

Rapid Brain,
Rapid Knee,
Rapid Body LG
Body SM

Interested buyers, please contact me for further details.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2002 Philips Infinion 1.5T MRI for Sale

2002 Philips Infinion 1.5T MRI for Sale

Software version: VIA 4.0
HP Computer Tower

Coils include:
Multi Channel Spine Array

Includes QA Phantom & 9 additional test phantoms

System is installed and in excellent operating condition.

Available for de-installation immediately. Contact us for further details.

Mark Henderson 
1075 Florida Central Pkwy Suite 2000 
Longwood, FL. 32750    

Offices in Central America - USA - Russia

(407) 696-9822 - Phone 
(407) 641-9282 - Fax  

Celebrating 17 years of saving you money with quality pre-owned medical equipment

Saturday, August 25, 2012

G.E. OpenSpeed MRI Scan Machine 0.7 T

G.E. OpenSpeed MRI Scan Machine 0.7 T

The G.E Open mri scanner machine is suitable for patient who has claustrophobia, Open MRI scanners have been developed for people who are anxious or obese or for examination of small parts of the body, such as the extremities (knee, shoulder). In addition, some systems offer imaging in different positions and sequences of movements. The basic technology of an open MRI machine is similar to that of a traditional MRI device. The major difference for the patient is that instead of lying in a narrow tunnel, the imaging table has more space around the body so that the magnet does not completely surround the person being tested.
The advantage of  G.E Open Speed MRI Scan Machine
Eliminates the anxiety of a noisy, narrow, closed MRI scanner.
Ideal for all patients including claustrophobic, elderly and pediatric patients.
Allows hands on contact at all times.
Children and adults can hold their loved ones hands for comfort.

The G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7T High-Field Open MRI takes on the architecture of the traditional (both sides opened) Open MRI scanner. Most Open MRI scanners operate at a lower magnetic field strength and receive a lower signal from the body. High-field MRI scanners rely on the tubular or cylinder form construction to produce strong magnetic fields. By using superconducting technology, the magnetic field strength of the G.E. OpenSpeed High-Field Open MRI has been increased to 0.7 Tesla. This is two to three times stronger than the traditional open MRI systems operating today. With the combination of high-performance surface coils and powerful computer processing power, the performance of this scanner is equivalent to that of a 1.0T High-Field MRI system. As opposed to the traditional open MRI systems, the images on the G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7 High-Field MRI have a higher quality and are done in a shorter time (3 times faster than most other Open MRI systems).
G.E. OpenSpeed MRi Scanner Specifications:
  • Patient weight limit of 227 kg (500 lbs)
  • 0.7 Tesla magnet (length: 175 cm (5’9”))
  • Bore (tube) diameter 212 cm(W) x 250 cm(H)
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. (8,256 kg (18,200 lbs))

Monday, August 20, 2012

TOSHIBA Excelart 1.5T MRI Scan Machine

TOSHIBA Excelart 1.5T MRI Scan Machine

The Excelart 1.5T MRI scan machine is a superconducting whole body MRI machine with the industry’s widest, short bore design with a 17 large aperture for more “open” feeling that increases your patient’s comfort level. It has a 1.5T magnet that provides superior homogeneity and low cryogen usage for efficient, cost effective imaging.

The Excelart 1.5T MRI machine uses the SPIN technology that provides high quality images to satisfy the demands of any exam. With this technology you will benefit from the Speeder parallel imaging technology which is a revolutionary advance in acquisition speed to reduce scan times for increased patient comfort and excellent quality images. You will benefit from the Pianissimo noise reduction technology that reduces acoustic noise by 90%. You will also benefit from interactive scan parameter adjustments during the scan for optimal image contract and a user friendly interface. 
The Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI machine is an ultra-short, ultra-wide-bore system with adjustable lighting and ventilation features designed to ease patient anxiety without sacrificing performance. Powered by Atlas, the Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI Scan machine delivers high-resolution images across the entire body with faster imaging times.

Each used Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI system features an integrated coil concept that allows for multiple examinations without repositioning the patient. Purchasing a Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI machine will enable comfortable exams and enhanced clinical workflow.

When the Toshiba Excelart 1.5T MRI system was first launched in 2004 it attracted considerable attention and further established Toshiba as a major player in the MRI industry. Now that the model has been around for several years, it has started to gain attention as an attractive refurbished MRI system because of its versatility and performance.

“With its high-field strength, the Excelart Vantage delivers the clinical capabilities and image quality expected by cardiologists, while simultaneously offering patients a more comfortable and non-invasive option,” said Dane Peshe, director, MRI Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, when the system was first released. “Excelart Vantage supports a full complement of cardiovascular imaging studies, ranging from stroke evaluation to peripheral vascular imaging.”

Some of the other features of a pre-owned Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T include SuperFASE morphology that allows for crystal clear vascular images of the heart and large vessels. The Toshiba Excelart 1.5T is also compatible with SPEEDER, Toshiba’s high speed imaging program. Some of the other options for the Toshiba Excelart 1.5T include high resolution 2D and 3D imaging, and peripheral MRA.

Toshiba hasn’t been making MRI systems as long as GE, Siemens or some of the other leaders in the field, but Toshiba has been winning over patients and service providers alike in recent years, so make sure you give ample consideration to purchasing a used Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI machine.

Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI Features


  • Ability to image 80% of the body feet first
  • Largest available clinical FOV at 55 x 55 x 50cm
  • Integrated coil concept
  • Lighting and ventilation throughout the bore
  • Equipped with Pianissimo technology to eliminate acoustic noise
1.5T Short Bore Magnet, Superconductive Magnet, SGI Octane System Computer, Software Level 4.10, Revision V5.3, Options Include: Cardiac Gating, Respiratory Gating, Peripheral Gating, Full Coil Set, Still up and Running.

For more information please contact Toshiba Sales Representative.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Philips Intera 1.5T MRI Scan Machine

Philips Intera 1.5T MRI Scan Machine


About The Philips Intera 1.5T


ExamCards automate the most complex studies

Extended WorkSpace drives scanner utilization for managing increasing quantity of MRI data.

Clinical Value

Superb translation of speed into clinical results with techniques like Snapshot, TRACS, & e-THRIVE.
SENSE enables high acceleration factors for all sequences, in all anatomies.
Dedicated SENSE coils for all core procedures.

Built on FreeWave technology:

Upgradeable to 3Mhz FreeWave and higher channels in the future.

The Intera 1.5T by Philips is a high field MR scanner that is designed to allow you to do more through the application of Philips Freedom Technology Automates the most complex studies, drives scanner utilization and can provides instant access to online community. This MRI system offers you new levels of customizability to allow you to perform exams the way you want, assures consistent and reproducible exam results.. You will be able to perform any exams of your quickly and efficiently. This MRI system uses the Synergy RF system that handles a combination of 4 quadrature coil channels plus 1 linear channel with the option of multiple coils being simultaneously connected.
The Philips Achieva 1.5T A-Series MRI machine is a state of the art system with a compact, patient friendly design. Featuring an extra-wide patient opening, a table that can support up to 550 lbs., variable lighting, a fresh air supply and a handheld call button, the Philips Achieva 1.5T A-Series MRI will enable you to scan any patient quickly and efficiently. If needed, the table can be lowered to a height of 52cm. It also provides an adjustable fresh air supply, variable lighting and a handheld nurse call button.


Philips Intera 1.5T Product Description
  • Ultra compact and friendly design
  • Lightweight design
  • Wide patient opening
  • Table speeds of 20mm/s to 180mm/s
  • Soft mattress with head rest
  • Patient comfort zone
Clinical Applications
  • ScanTools
  • Sense
  • ScanForum
  • ExamCards
For more information on the Philips Intera 1.5T MRI system, contact Philips MRI Equipment. 
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T MRI Scan Machine

Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T MRI Scan Machine

The Vantage Titan is a large open bore MRI Scan Machine that improves patient care with its reduced noise, extended FOV and increased homogeneity. This machine has an open bore that is 18% larger than other 1.5T systems with a 71cm aperture. This MRI Scan machine offers one of the largest and widest open bores available. It is also one of the most powerful MRI machine that is available with a 30/130 gradient platform. This MRI machine has a field-of-view size 55 x 55 x 50 cm that is very unique in size which produces high-quality images without compromising homogeneity or overall imaging performance. Patients who are sensitive to contrast agents now have the option available to have a contrast free exam.

Next to the fact that a larger bore can accommodate larger patients, it reduces the claustrophobic experience dramatically. This is not only caused by the enlargement of the bore diameter seen from the isocenter, but through the enlagement of the bore the position of the tabletop can be lowered as well. Through this effect the space for the patient is increased in two directions.

The Vantage Titan has the XGV gradient performance.

The Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T MRI machine is a open-bore imaging system with an extended field of view and high homogeneity. Featuring a 71cm aperture with a 55 x 55 x 50 cm FOV, the Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T MRI allows for fast, productive scanning of any part of the body with minimal patient discomfort.
Next to the fact that a larger bore can accommodate larger patients, it reduces the claustrophobic experience dramatically. This is not only caused by the enlargement of the bore diameter seen from the isocenter, but through the enlagement of the bore the position of the tabletop can be lowered as well. Through this effect the space for the patient is increased in two directions.

Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T Features

  • Unique field-of-view of 55 x 55 x 50cm
  • 18% larger open bore
  • 30/130 gradient platform
  • Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise
  • Fresh Blood Imaging
  • Time Space Angiography (TSA) and Contrast-Free Improved Angiography (CIA)
Clinical Applications
  • TSA: Time Space Angiography
  • FBI: Fresh Blood Imaging
  • CIA: Contrast-Free Improved Angiography
  • Time-SLIP: Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse
For more information on the Toshiba Vantage Titan system, contact Toshiba MRI Equipment.